Green Acre Photowalk 001: Golden Gate Overlook

Victor at Green Acre Co. invited me to host my first photo walk alongside their lead photographer, Alex Arias, and portrait/event photographer Taylor Nguyen.

After weeks of meetings, we confidently came up with an itinerary for one of the most exciting meet-ups I've been to in a while. Our goal was to bring the Green Acre community together and bring live tutorials to the group about how to take great portraits. The hosts broke into three different groups and we explored the area surrounding the Golden Gate Lookout and Marshall's Beach

The people who showed up is what really made this meet-up special... Everyone was so full of positive energy, people were excited to create, and everyone was open to meeting new friends. 

What made our event stand out is the photo challenge we presented. Alex came to the idea to do a 3-photographer 1-model photo challenge. We put our own twist on it by rotating who gets to model in each group. We believed that in order to take good portraits, it's important to hop in your model's shoes and know what it's like to be in front of the camera. As the group members rotated turns to model, the Green Acre hosts would give out pointers and tips.

Even though many folks were shy about participating in our 3-photographer 1-model photo challenge -- the challenge ultimately pulled people out of their comfort zones and everyone seemed to have a great time! Or at least a good laugh.

Our goals were met.

The Green Acre community proved itself to be an amazing space to be. Here are some of the photos from participants of our event:

Green Acre Co. - Photo Walk 001 (2018)